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PoliceLeaders.com and Police Leadership Resources are dedicated to the development of quality leadership practices in the law enforcement profession. Utilizing the best of contemporary law enforcement leadership and organizational development strategies, we provide instruction, training and consulting services to help develop stronger leaders, teams, and organizations. Thanks for visiting Policeleaders.com and for your interest in the future of leadership in law enforcement.

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Is Law Enforcement a Profession ?
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Why Leadership? - Part One

This three part series looks closely at the basic concepts of leadership as they apply to police organizations. In Part One we see that leadership is really about influence. Read More.

Vision Statement

will be a leading voice in the quest to promote and instill leadership excellence in law enforcement. Leadership excellence creates inherent expectations of standardized professional performance beyond that of being merely competent, and represents an individual and collective commitment to achieving the ideals of true police professionalism. Our ultimate success as professionals will be determined by those with whom we invest the principle of leadership excellence, and who follow in our footsteps as the next generation of police leaders.

What Leadership Excellence Means in Law Enforcement

Metrics - We measure only those things that further our efforts to fulfill our mission and serve our communities.

Values - Our leadership actions support and model the values that we expect and require - Ambassadorship, communications, courtesy, flexibility, helpfulness, responsiveness, and safety.

Innovation - We constantly strive to improve, never settling for complacency. We embrace challenges.

Service - We develop officers with versatility and diversity, and keep public service at the center of our thinking

Professionalism - We recognize employee efforts that support our values and embrace our pursuit of excellence.

Accountability - We hold each other accountable for adhering to the Principles of Leadership Excellence.

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Police History Photo

This month's Police History photo comes from the Dayton Ohio Police Department. Dayton has been credited with issuing the world's 1st speeding ticket in 1904.  Harry Myers was traveling 12 miles per hour on West Third Street when he was ticketed.  It happened four years before Harry (real name Henry C. Myers) became a hollywood actor.  His career would include appearing in 257 silent and "talking" films as well as directing 48 films.  Myers most famous role was with Charlie Chaplin in City Lights.

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Leadership Quote for Today

“A boss creates fear, a leader confidence. A boss fixes blame, a leader corrects mistakes. A boss knows all, a leader asks questions. A boss makes work drudgery, a leader makes it interesting. A boss is interested in himself or herself, a leader is interested in the group.”

— Russell H. Ewing

Leadership is about passion, not power. It is about elevating and crediting others, not seeking credit for your self. It is about learning from those around you, not lecturing them. Never in history did a great leader ever say, “I did it myself.”

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